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Timeline of MEEDAC since 2007



A joint initiative between Karara and MEEDAC with the support of SODEXO. A Horticulture enterprise that provides quality fruit and vegetables to mine sites and local supermarkets.


PMC renamed RJCP to CDP, Community Development Program. MEEDAC took over the CDP contract for the Midwest and expanded their offices to Kalbarri, Dongara, Northampton and Narngulu.


MEEDAC Inc. successful won the tender to take over the Geraldton Tip Shop and entered a community agreement with NACC and City of Geraldton.


MEEDAC Inc. successful gained a tender to establish aged appropriate accommodation in Mullewa.

MEEDAC Inc. commenced a new venture called the MEEDAC Reach Out Program, an initiative of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs. MEEDAC have been operating similar Bus Patrol services for the past 15 years in Mullewa, Laverton and Kalgoorlie.


1st July 2018, MEEDAC took over the Community Development Program in Goldfields, Yaaliku region. Locations including Leonora, Laverton, Wiluna and surrounding communities.


Meedac Inc. took on the MUNS (Municipal Services) program ensuring remote communities with essential services such as electricity, repairs and maintenance to equipment, buildings and roads in areas such as Barrels Wells, Kardaloo, Kutkabubba, Pia Wadjarri, and Windidda.


We were asked to take over CDEP in areas such as Wiluna, Leonora, Laverton, Norseman Bondini Reserve, Kutkabubba, Menzies, Mulga Queen, Windidda and smaller remote communities.


MEEDAC Inc. undertook the Mullewa Club Motel (Inspirations) redevelopment, Wiluna Road house and café. We redeveloped the old supermarket in Leonora into offices, an arts centre, healthy living and food preparation space plus horticultural activity to the rear which is still operating under CDEP.


CDEP came to an end and changed to focus more on delivery of training and placement of participants into employment within the wider community. Mission Australia successfully gained the Remote Jobs Community Programme contract on behalf of the Prime Minster and Cabinet. Mission Australia subcontracted a portion to MEEDAC inc. to cover the Mullewa, Morawa and Yalgoo areas.

MEEDAC’s real strength has been the ongoing support of the Indigenous and wider community over the past 21 years, as well as the dedication and commitment of its core long serving board members, who have donated their time to MEEDAC and the leadership necessary for this organisation to be successful.

MEEDAC (Midwest Employment and Economic Development Aboriginal Corporation) was incorporated in May 1997 by the community members of Mullewa to operate a CDEP (Community Development Education Program). The community elders were concerned that there was no meaningful employment and training opportunities for their people.


Due to the community demands within the region MEEDAC Inc. increased its CDEP and developed activities in Morawa, Yalgoo and Three Springs as well as remote communities such as Kardaloo, Barrel Wells, Mt Wittenoom, Nabawa and Pia Wadjarri.

MEEDAC’s first big CDEP project was Redland Roses which then expanded to include cutting flowers which were sold to retail outlets within the region. A new range of projects were set up there with a Horticulturalist to provide training to equip CDEP participants with a variety of new skills and build self-confidence in experiencing new things. MEEDAC Inc. expanded this project to include commercial production of vegetables and free range eggs in Mullewa. Both Mullewa and Morawa sell their fresh produce on a commercial basis as well as through the Perth markets.

This created the opportunity for CDEP participants to be a part of an on the job training, including learning the practices set out in our certification that is required in the industry.


This exposes the participants to real employment expectations and procedures. MEEDAC Inc. also set up Redland building and maintenance which provided participants with skills and accredited training in the industry, with some people becoming qualified carpenters.

Since then MEEDAC Inc. has developed many different projects and activities, such as renovating and renting houses to the community members, Centrelink services to remote communities and Community Bus patrols in Mullewa, Laverton and Kalgoorlie.

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