Community Development Education Program

MEEDAC (Midwest Employment and Economic Development Aboriginal Corporation) was incorporated in May 1997 by the community members of Mullewa to operate a CDEP (Community Development Education Program). The community elders were concerned that there was no meaningful employment and training opportunities for their people. Due to the community demands within the region MEEDAC Inc. increased its CDEP and developed activities in Morawa, Yalgoo and Three Springs as well as remote communities such as Kardaloo, Barrel Wells, Mt Wittenoom, Nabawa and Pia Wadjarri.

MEEDAC’s first big CDEP project was Redland Roses which then expanded to include cutting flowers which were sold to retail outlets within the region.


Community Development Program (CDP)

The Community Development Program (CDP) commenced on 1 July 2015 and is our remote employment and community development service. The CDP supports job seekers in remote Australia to build skills, address barriers to employment and contribute to their communities through a range of flexible activities.

MEEDAC is a Community Development Program (CDP) provider on behalf of the Australian Government. We provide a single point of contact for job seekers and employers in the Midwest - West and Kambalda regions which includes the following locations and surrounding areas: Mullewa, Northampton, Dongara, Kalbarri, Yalgoo, Morawa, Narngulu, Kambalda, Norseman, Hopetoun and Coolgardie.

Under the CDP, job seekers with activity requirements are expected to participate in work-like activities that benefit their community. The CDP offers a broad range of flexible activities to not only increase job seekers’ skills but also contribute to their community.

MEEDAC’s Community Projects

Community Shed

Each shed has a multitude of activities for our job seekers to participate in and are very unique to each community. These could include recycling furniture, maintenance of small motors, woodwork or creating art.

Locations: Dongara, Three Springs, Mullewa

Community Gardens 

Jobseekers will develop basic skills and knowledge in Horticulture to assist in maintaining a garden that provides fresh produce for the community.

Locations: Dongara, Mullewa

Helping Hands

Our Jobseekers work alongside the local communities to assist where extra help and assistance is required with gardening and general maintenance tasks.

Locations: Port Denison, Dongara, Eneabba, Leeman, Mingenew, Kalbarri, Morawa, Three springs, Mullewa, Chapman Valley, Northampton, Yalgoo.

Creative Hands 

Jobseekers have the choice to participate in arts/crafts/woodwork/metal work/ jewellery making. Jobseekers are encouraged to use natural and local materials found in their communities.

Locations: Dongara, Kalbarri, Coorow, Morawa

Regional CDP offices – contacts and locations


10 Moore Road
Dongara WA 6525
Phone: 08 9927 1083
Fax: 08 9927 1648


Shop 4, Kalbarri Marine Centre
166 Gray Street
Kalbarri WA 6536
Phone: 08 9937 1133


Shop 7, 18-22 Salmon Gum  Road. Kambalda West, WA 6442
Phone: 0457 597 454


46 Winfield Street
Morawa WA 6623
Phone: 08 9971 1813
Fax: 08 9971 1453


31 Jose Street
Mullewa WA 6630
Phone: 08 9961 1531
Fax: 08 9961 1532


2 Galleon Way
Narngulu WA 6532
Phone: 08 9949 5150
Fax: 08 9921 5189


55 Mary Street
Northampton WA 6535
Phone: 08 9934 2408
Fax: 08 9934 2285


24 Gibbons Street
Yalgoo WA 6635
Phone: 08 9962 8323
Fax: 08 9962 8347